Srpska Veryija

The company ''Steel service center'' was founded in 1993. (the former name of the company was ''Stil promet''), and it's main business area eversince is wholesale and services in a metalurgy sector.

Meanwhile, by constant improvement of all the factors that influence client's sattisfaction, we have managed to become a main supplier of all sorts of sheets, plates and coils, steel pipes and shapes etc. for a large number of companies, both big corporations (public and family owned) and small workshops, that are using these materials as a production process inputs or as a merchandising goods.

Our assortiment is based on cold rolled and hot rolled flat steel products (sheets, plates and coils), other flat products (galvanized, stainless, aluminized, prepainted), all types of beams, chanels and angles, pipes and tubing, flat, round and square bars. In order to sattisfy our client's needs and requirements as completely as possible, we are permanently working on assortiment depth and width, as well as on accepting and perfecting modern wholesale concepts - ''just in time delivery'', ''remote purchase'' etc.

The company also owns a significant processing, stocking and manipulating capacities, whose permanent increase and improvement is the foundation of our development strategy and the main goal of our investement policy. That is our way to achieve completeness and quality of services that will be recognizable not only on Serbian market but wherever our business operations expands.