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Flat products – coils, sheets ad plates welded hollow sections - tubes and pipes

Cold rolled steels can be delivered:

  • with normal (A) or special (B) surface quality, according to EN10130/2006
  • bright, semi-braht, normal or rough surface finish (roughness) according to EN10130/2006
  • oiled or unoiled
  • annealed or non-annealed (’’full hard’’)

Steels for cold forming

This is a range of cold rolled non-alloyed mild steel grades with guaranteed maximum yield and tensile strength, guaranteed minimum ductility and good formability. These grades comply with the requirements of the EN 10130:2006 standard and are obtained after either batch or continuous annealing.

These steel grades have excellent formability, which facilitates cold forming operations, and are ideal for deep drawing.

They are used for bending and deep drawing forming processes for applications where strength, rigidity and ductility are required. Typical applications are to be found in the automotive industry, the domestic appliance sector, metal furniture, drums, radiators, fans, tubes and small profiles.

EN 10130:2006DIN 1623T1/1983
ThicknessMin. widthMin. width
0,35 – 0,49 7001350
0,50 – 3,007001500

Construction steel

St37-2G MOT315
St37-3G MOT355
ThicknessMin. widthMin. width
0,50 – 2,507001500

Low carbon steels for enameling

ThicknessMin. widthMin. width
0,50 – 2,407001500