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our history

We're proud of our company's history of success.

in 1992, Steel Service Center was founded in smederevo, by Ilić family.

 Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, trading business continued to develope and grow , providing a base for the succesfull replacement of company founders in their executive duties by the second generation members of Ilić family, which took place in 2007th.

As an opportunity for further growth of our business by investing in processing capabalities was recognized by new company management, our first cut to length line was installed in a rented production facility in 2008th.

In 2010th second CTL was started, and in 2014th the third one.

Coupled with rapid growth of sales and markets, this expansion of processing capabilities urged us to invest in our own 15.000 m2 production and business complex in Smederevo, which took place in 2016th.

Expansions of our capabilities is always a work in progress: as we speak, new equipment is in process of erection and installment, including heavy duty longitudinal cutting line (slitting line), new shearing and press-braking equipment, HD plazma cutter etc.

Alongside with tehnical and financial capacities, SSC has built and maintained a reputation of quality and innovation that has established us as a leader in the metals distribution and service industry. By continuously focusing on the needs of the customer and providing innovative solutions that put us above the pack, our business has withstood the test of time and challenges.

In 2017th we celebrate 25 years in business. Our total commitment to customer service, unwavering pursuit of world-class quality, constant investment in innovation, technical expertise, attention to detail, financial strength and stability and highly-skilled and motivated workforce have enabled us to compete and succeed in the incredibly challenging metals marketplace for a quarter of century.

We constantly remind ourselves that what we do today sets the stage for where we will be tomorrow. That’s why we put so much effort in everything that we do, day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

Because we’re here to stay.

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