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who we are and what we do

Steel service center is a family owned metals trading and processing service center located in Smederevo, Serbia.

Steel service center is specialized in steel products:

Hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and prepainted sheets, plates and coils

round, square and rectangular tubes and pipes

profiles and beams

cold formed (bended) profiles

steel service center is equiped for processing services:

coil leveling and cut-to-length processing

coil slitting



The company was established in 1992. and has since transformed itself into a premier steel trader and processor, by constant improvement of all factors that influence customer’s satisfaction. We provide customers with wide range capabilities, products and services, for a variety of markets , including: construction, oil and gas, transportation (shipbuilding, railroad cars, containers etc.), fabricators, machinery and equipment, agriculture, automotive, energy, mining, hopme apliances etc.

In order to survive in a harsh and ever turbulent surroundings, steel consuming industries are continuously insisting on reducing inventory holding and processing costs. It is not an optimal solution for small and mid-size, and sometimes even large end-users of metal products to invest in their own equipment for primary metals processing, since this specialized equipment require high-volume production to be cost effective. The same goes with purchasing primary metal products, which are needed for further processing, directly from manufacturers.

Basic role of metals service centers in such scenario is to provide industrial end-users with readilly available inventory, flexible minimum order size, value-aded metals processing, quality control and reliable and timely delivery, while maintaing close relations with upstream primary products producers, enabling them to focus on their core competence – production. Metals service centers acquire primary metal products, such as coils and beams, in large volumes, directly from producers (mills) and process them to customers specifications, including custom length, width and shapes.

So, our core business includes purchasing, processing, storing, and delivering high-quality steel that meets our customers' exacting specifications and just-in-time-inventory demands.

We understand that end-users needs are unique. We work collaboratively with our customers on one side and with manufacturers on other, to understand their challenges and opportunities, and to develop innovative solutions that create value and meet real business needs.

Our quick response time allows us to meet the tightest deadlines. Our services are customer – sensitive and highly flexible. We create tailor – made steel suply solutions to enable our customers to reduce procurement and coordination costs.

To accommodate always accelerating growth in products, services and customers, we are continuing to expand and strengthen our infrastructure. This work includes wider processing capability, broader inventory, enhanced systems, and using continuous improvement techniques across the company.

Most importantly, we continue to focus on developing the strongest service team in our industry. We are committed to developing our people to ensure that we have the right talent, with the capabilities and experience needed, to provide our customers with best-in-class service and support.

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